Urban Berlin: Water Park

How to get there

The Water Park is located at Buschkrugallee 64 12359 Berlin. The closest U-Bahn station would be Grenzallee with the U7. Here is the map.

What you’ll see

You’ll definitely not see clean water to swim in but you’ll see a lot empty pools. The water park is quite big, from the sauna to the indoor pools and even the roof! Unfortunately the slide has been taken down and torn apart, otherwise it could have been a fun ride down to the half empty pool. The best place in the water park in my opinion is the sauna area. You walk into a green house looking complex with trees and plants and find yourself in a pyramid looking sandstone painted Cleopatrabad sauna room within seconds. The tiles at the park are also impressive. Also try to get up on the roof and get a birds eye view of the water park.

Any Dangers

The only danger I noticed was trying to get on the roof. Someone put up wooden palette on top of the lying refrigerator to the top of the ceiling to access the roof. Not only you not shake the palette, you also have to watch out for the nails that are sticking out from the palette as well. After that challenge, you deserve a cold beer for your success!


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