Urban Berlin: Institut für Tieranatomie (Animal Anatomy Institute)

How to get there

The animal anatomy institute is located at Königin-Luise-Straße 14, Berlin. You can either walk from U-Bahn Station Dahlem or take a bus from U+S Bahn Station Rathaus Steglitz. You’ll immediately see the building that is fenced up. Here is the map if needed.

How to get in

The doors at the front of the building are shut so the easiest way to get in would be going around on the side street from Peter-Lenne Strasse. You’ll notice where the fence ends, there is a tiny gap that you can easily sneak in. After going through the fence you are home free and ready to explore the area.

What you’ll see

You wont see any dead animals or such but I think the main thing to see would be the auditorium. I know when I was back in university I’d always want to see my school be torn apart and be burnt to the ground. But other than the auditorium there are plenty other places to explore such as the laboratory and classrooms. Its not such a big building to explore and much things to see although you’ll definitely wont be disappointed from the experience.

Any Dangers

The only danger that I witnessed was some kids playing with pellet guns and being between cross fire. Other than this coincidence you can feel very comfortable to explore the animal institute and see what it offers.


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