Urban Berlin: Bowling Alley

How to get there

The bowling alley is located within the city limits in the south of Berlin. The address is Selerweg 4. Its a 15 minute walk from Rathaus Steglitz U+S Bahn station. Its really hard not to notice the empty building surrounded by fences while you walk up to the cul du sac. But in case you need a map, here it is.

How to get in

The fence surrounding the building is not really bolted down properly and as you walk along the fence, you’ll see some openings to slip right in. Not to forget that its in a residential area and the neighbours will be likely watching you getting into the building.

What you’ll see

The bowling alley was very much run down whilst I was there. I guess going on a day just after heavy rainfall didnt make the experience better than expected. There are two floors to explore. The lower floor is just the parking lot and I’m assuming it was used always as a parkade even after the bowling alley was not in use anymore. The upper floor is where the actually alley was. You’ll still some bowling pins and bowling shoes scattered around. Also some old vending machines that served a better purpose rather than rotting away.

Any Dangers

The upper floor was in very bad condition with the feeling that roof would collapse any minute. I did not dare to go further inside since the floor was damp and moist. Other than these two things, I didnt notice any other dangers around the site. Also keep a watch out for nosey neighbours, they just might call the police on you.


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