Party Town Belgrade

The West is the best. This is the famous lines from The Doors song “The End”. Whether Jim Morrison referred it for the west of the USA or the western part of the world, he might have changed his mind today after he took a trip to the Balkans. So many things have changed and are still changing in the Balkans, its sometimes hard to keep up.

I’ve been to Belgrade before back in Feb 1992. A very sensitive ¬†and tense time to be in the region. Yugoslavia was falling apart by one country announcing their independence to another. Not a very good time to be in Serbia. That said, I wanted to erase these bad memories and replace them with newer and much improved ones.

The most memorable thing about Belgrade is people like to party. Regardless their age, rich or poor, taste in music, etc., Belgradians like to go out. And the plus side of things, its really cheap to do so. Getting into clubs can cost you 200 Serbian Dinars = 1,70 Euros! So you can imagine what your Euros can be worth in Belgrade. The most interesting and different places to go out was the docks. Along the river in Belgrade, there are big boats anchored along the shore and every boat has their taste in music. So if you start feeling you want to switch from techno to rock or from jazz to balkan music, just head over to the next boat beside you.


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