Lisbon: The city of graffitis

Lisbon is notorious for its graffitis. Why? If the City of Lisbon officials encourage artists from all over the world to come to their city and paint the buildings, the city is just a big canvas waiting to be painted. Its amazing to see buildings covered with great artwork rather being rotten and dull. Everywhere you go you’ll see a different genre graffiti from different artists around the world. Lisbon was even listed among the Top 10 best street art city in the world by British newspaper The Guardian. Here are some of the great graffiti artists that coloured this beautiful city;

Os Gemeos, Blu, Sam3, Ericailcan, MaisMenos, Vhils and many more.

Before I went to Lisbon, I did some research where to find all these graffitis. It took me awhile to find a great list of the graffitis scattered around Lisbon. There is a walking tour that takes you around the few famous ones although I always prefer to experience these things alone. I never needed someone to tell me the history or meaning of something, thats why there is something called Google. I found the following links below very helpful to locate some of these great artworks;

So if you are into graffitis and street art like I am, then dont have any hesitation to head over to Lisbon. You’ll definitely wont be disappointed. If your not into graffitis then at least you can enjoy the great food and fado music.


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