I’ve been to many abandoned places in my life. Whether it was an abandoned brewery, bobsleigh track, military hospital or train yard, I haven’t seen anything like Buzludzha. It was like the communist needed to make a statement with the monument they built. In the end, in my opinion, they did an excellent job. The reason why Buzludzha was built is that the Bulgarian communist regime wanted to commemorate the events that happened on that mountain which the Bulgarian rebels defeated Ottoman Empire on that peak. So the monument was opened to the public in 1981, on the anniversary of the foundation of the Bulgarian State. More than 6000 people worked on this project that lasted 7 years to build. After the fall of the communist regime in 1989, Buzladzha has been left to its fate to rot away like the regime. Here is also a great website with information and pictures from the “Golden” days. (link) How to get there Getting to Buzludzha is quite the challenge. I was lucky enough to have a local friend who drove me there from Sofia, which was a great advantage. I dont think I could have made it without him. So great […] Read More