How to get there The Paper Mill is located in north Berlin at Eberswalde Strasse 29~30, Eberswalde. Its right behind the PapierMuseum on Wolfswinkel street and you’ll see the fences up and a door with the sign “End of Summer”. The easiest way to get to the paper mill would be taking the RE3 train from Berlin Hauptbahnhof or Gesundbrunnen in the direction of Eberswalde Hauptbahnhof. When you get off at the station you can either walk to the site or take the bus 861 and stop at Finow/Wolfswinkel. Here is a map How to get in You need to first jump over the door with the sign that says “End of Summer”. Afterwards its time to explore. The first building with the trailer parked in front has a small window where you can jump in but the more you go towards the back of the buildings (towards the other trailers), you’ll notice there are no closed doors and fences to prevent you to wonder around. What you’ll see Out of my previous explorations, I must say this has been one of the best so far in terms of graffitis and artwork. Not only the artist(s) did an excellent job but […] Read More