Urban Berlin: Old Disco

If you ask someone what they know about Berlin they’ll give you answers like the Berlin Wall, Cold War, West/East Germany, Currywurst, Doner and Techno music. Some consider Berlin as the birthplace for techno music. Even if it wasn’t, it has the reputation to have the best clubs on the planet.

I’m pretty sure the Metronom Club had its own history from the opening day till being left alone to its own faith. Unfortunately the records for this abandoned place is not possible to be found anywhere other than being closed since 2008, as if it had a last shot into its veins and died along with its name.

How to get there

The old disco is located in east Berlin at Blockdammweg 31. You can take the S-Bahn S3 in Erkner direction and get off at the Karlshorst S-Bahn Station and walk from there. Or if the weather is nice, just get on your bike and ride. Here is a map

How to get in

Although at first you think the disco is fenced off but there is a little gap in the fence behind from what seems to be a watch/guard house. Otherwise you can walk around the old furniture building in front of the street and get in from the back. Once your over the fence, your laughing.

What you’ll see

Imagine you were partying all night, the Dj is making the crowd go wild, the party is off the hook and you wake up the next morning to an empty abandoned disco hall and trying to figure what the hell happened the night before. Its like people went in a rush, left everything behind in one night and abandoned the place. You’ll find empty bottles, drink lists, flyers and even tacky red leather American diner style seats. Find a way up to the second floor and look down, you’ll notice the amount of casette tape extending from one end to the other, probably some sort of decoration from the last party. Also you can access the roof although there isnt that much of view to see. On the plus side, next to the disco there are a few more empty abandoned buildings to explore. I have no clue of what these buildings are or used for but its definitely worth while to explore.

Any Dangers

There is hardly anything threatening on site. You can explore from the main floor to the roof without any worry. I did notice that there was a bed in the “Private” room so there could be potential squatters hiding.

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