Urban Berlin: Alte Fleischfabrik (Old Meat Factory)

The Alte Fleischfabrik (Old Meat Factory)  was owned by the Konsumgenossenschaft (KGB)  and was established in 1899. The KGB is a consumer association that would sell and trade retail goods to its members for very inexpensive prices. Up to 1990 it was the largest consumer cooperative in the GDR and fourth largest in the world. The KGB still exists today although the old meat factory and bakery have been sold to private investors due to the operations of the factories went bankrupt in 1993.

The KGB office buildings, meat factory and bakery were built before WWI in 1909 by architect Otto Wettstein. The factory also has a industrial railway track which shows that it was well connected to transport the goods. The bakery was producing more than 4000 breads daily. The buildings have survived for over a hundred years and two world wars. Currently its part of a private tour company which books tours to visit abandoned sites around Berlin.

How to get there

Since the Fleischfabrik is within Berlin city limits, it is very easy to access the site. You can take the U5 to Magdalenenstr station, walk up the Ruschestr. and once you are at the Netto you’ll see the chimney and old building.  Here is a map to make it easier.

How to get in

One of the easiest abandoned sites I’ve been into again. At first the fences will fool you that there is no way in but if you sneak to the back between the buildings, you’ll notice the gap between the fence and building. Pass through and voila you’re in!

What you’ll see

Out of the three buildings, I only managed to go into just one. I believe this was the bakery building, bread along with cakes were produced here. The building in back must have been the meat factory and the side building must have been the bakery as well since that is where the chimney is. You’ll see some nice artwork from various graffiti artists along with the peeling paint from the ceiling.

Any Dangers

This is the first site that I’ve seen with so many trespassing warnings. Almost every step I took there was a sign indicating it is a private site and if anyone trespasses the police will be notified. It gives you a bit of a scare and intimidation since there are residential buildings around and you never know whether someone might just call the police. But if it was that easy, it wouldn’t be that fun right?

Click here for pics

  • rondigitaal

    have been there last week. got into the builiding through climbing to an open window. Really great and took some pictures. Note that this building may become less interesting as abandoned place, gone in some years.

    • metehans

      thanks for reading my blog. Whats happening with most of abandoned places in Berlin is some private company or individual buys the lot and doesnt know what to do with it until years go by.

  • artseeker

    Part of this building is now being used as part of an alternative berlin tour about street art. Visitors are able to create street art here.

    • metehans

      Thanks for the info. There are a few other tour companies now trying to make a dime from abandoned sites in Berlin. Seems to be the trend nowadays.

  • Kasey Cochrane

    Is this still here?

    • metehans

      i dont know since i havent been there for years but you can make an excursion and find out 😉

  • Pierre De pingon

    Thanks for this article !

    does anyone now who are the name of the new owner of this building ?