Urban Berlin: Beelitz-Heilstätten (Military Hospital)


How to get there

The hospital can be accessed with train RE7 which stops in the major stations in Berlin. You can get off at the Beelitz-Heilstätten stop and from there you can choose which direction to go to. The hospital is located on both sides of the train tracks, so you can first start either from the right hand side or the left hand side. Here is a map

How to get in

There are plenty of buildings at Beelitz therefore every building has their own way of getting in. Most buildings are easy to get in with the doors being wide open whereas others you might have to jump over the fence and crawl through the door or window from the basement. Regardless to say you’ll still find a way to get in the buildings.

What you’ll see

Its said that there are around 60 buildings at Beelitz-Heilstätten although not all are abandoned. Most of the buildings are still in use since there is a rehab center and home for elderly. In terms of the abandoned buildings, there are 10-12 buildings that are worth seeing. You’ll need to start your day very early to see everything or split your time into 2-3 days. The rounded surgery room in the female pavilion, the famous Russian soldier statue in front of the male pavilion, the theatre in the laboratory building and many more. There is also the bombed female pavilion which is the most exciting to see although you need to find your way in and hope that nothing will fall on top of you.

Any Dangers

Other than broken glass here and there and some crumbled floors, there arent any dangers. You can freely even go to the roof terrace and enjoy the view or have a beer. The only dangerous building is the bombed female pavilion. I dont suggest anybody to go in since there is a high chance of something falling on you. But if your the risk taker, by all means than do it. Also you’ll see this tour company go2know camping out at the major buildings and will try not to let you in without paying 40 Euros. Luckily I saw them towards the end of my day and had a chat with them. They’ll tell you that they have permissions from the landlord that they are allowed on there property and have the keys to the buildings. How much of it is true or not is debatable but its best not to bump into them at all to avoid possible hassle.


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    You made my day, tnx, great blog! Starting tomorrow with teufelsberg I hope to explore all!:)

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      Thanks for reading my blog and enjoy the abandoned places in Berlin :)