Urban Berlin: Bahnbetriebswerk (Train Yard)

Its been a long cold winter in Berlin for 2013. The darkest winter on record so far. Coming from snow country myself, I’m actually getting sick of it. That said, despite the depressing winter it still doesnt stop me exploring abandoned places. 

The Bahnbetriebswerk (Train Yard) was built in 1893 since the Berlin – Szczecin railway connection was built years ago and there was in need of repairing and servicing the trains. Therefore the last roundhouse of its kind in Germany on a 250,000m2 lot would be built in Heinersdorf. The train yard afterwards was connected to the Berlin S-Bahn in August 1924.

Towards the end of the 1990’s, it was farewell to the train yard. At first the main station, water tower and depot was closed and until 2009 the rail tracks have been dismantled. There are only two roundhouses left in Germany (One being this and the other in Rummelsburg). The whole lot has been bought by a private investor in 2009 to build a shopping center along with a parking lot.

How to get there

Not too far from the city center, getting to the train yard is quite easy. You can take the S-Bahn S2 and S8 north direction and get off at the Pankow-Heinersdorf station. As soon as you get off the train, you’ll see the roundhouse right in front of you. Here is a map

How to get in

Its not really a challenge to get into the train yard. There are two ways to enter; either risking it and jumping over the train tracks or going around from the bridge. When you walk over the bridge there is a pathway down towards to a road. There is locked gate that fools you at the beginning but it isnt locked.

What you’ll see

The abandoned site is massive. There are plenty of buildings to see and walk around. The most interesting building is the roundhouse where they repaired the trains and maintained them. Also dont miss out on the building where it seems there was some voodoo ritual occurring. Especially how they used bush branches, lots of candles and the painting on the wall says it all. At first you ask yourself, “Is there somebody here getting ready for the big show and preparing some satanic sacrifice?”. The station and tower were closed off at the time of my visit but from what I noticed, people have tried their way into the station building since the metal frames on the windows were bent. So if your talented for climbing, you might get a chance to get in.

Any Dangers

Going to abandoned places in the winter has its downsides of not being able to see covered man holes that can act as landmines. Also the roof of the roundhouse along with the floor doesnt seem to be very stable anymore. The wood is on its last leg and with any type of shake or pressure, its ready to fall apart.

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  • Carolina

    I’ve been living near this station for two years now and I really wanted to know something about that building. Thanks!

    • metehans

      Glad to shine some light and thanks for reading