Urban Berlin: Alte Bärenquell Brauerei

On a snowy cold January afternoon the Alte Bärenquell Brauerei couldn’t look more fantastic than it is. Whether its my love of snow or not I believe this was the best time of the year to explore the brauerei. The snow gives this mystical feel and already chill abandoned building which adds extra excitement to it.

The Bärenquell Brauerei was built in 1882 although founded under the name Kampfhenkel Borussia Brauerei. Later in 1898 the brewery was bought by Schultheiss AG and expanded to its current state today from Schnellerstrasse to the river. After the war, in 1954 the brauerei was again renamed to VEB Bärenquell and kept the same name until its doors closed in April 1994.

How to get there

Since the brauerei is in city limits, getting there is quite easy. You can take the S-Bahn S8, S9, S45, S46, S47 and get off at the Berlin-Schöneweide station. From the station, its a 10-15 mins walk and the address is Schnellerstraße 137. Here is a map

How to get in

I noticed a couple a openings to get into the abandoned brewery. Of course the easiest is going through the hole in the wire fence just next to the main entrance. Although if there happens to be security or somebody at the entrance, then you can climb over the wall next to the brewery from the open field. This of course is more challenging and dangerous but your visiting an abandoned building, you should be ready for these challenges.

What you’ll see

The brewery has 10 buildings in total. Definitely many things to see. Give yourself minimum 2 hours to explore and take pictures. The most interesting building was the beer cooling tower. Although the fire has burnt the top floors and roof top but its still quite the scene and great view from the top. You’ll also notice lots of Bärenquell labels and coasters lying around everywhere. The machine house also has a tower and roof top access. As you go up the stairs and reach the top floor, you cant deny the fact that you can have a massive concert which can hold more than 1000 people (maybe somebody has already done it).

Any Dangers

Other than loads of broken glass and some pot holes that we couldnt see due to the snow there arent many dangers. Although be extremely careful going up the tower and the roof top of the cooling building. Back in July 2012 some people were trapped on the roof due to a fire that started on the second floor and rose up immediately. Be very cautious the foundation is not stable in some parts. The article of the fire outage can be found here. Also since we spent some time on the roof top and as we were leaving the site there were some men at the entrance asking whether we have been on the roof top or not. Apparently they have been alarmed by the neighbours and came to the site to investigate.

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