My Travel To Do/See List

This is my To Do/See list from my own travel experiences. It is not a list that was taken from a guide book, magazine or website. Simply things that I’ve done and would do again if I would go back to these countries.

Choose by continent

Europe         North America          Middle East          Africa            Asia



-       Enjoy the beautiful architecture in Vienna from the Austro-Hungarian Empire

-       Eat the famous Schnitzel

-       Take a trip to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s birthplace Salzburg

-       Visit the city Fucking to take a souvenir picture in front of the city sign


-       Drink all the 450 different varieties of Beer

-       Look at what clothing the Mannekin Pis is wearing for the day

-       Eat as many as waffles and chocolates until you burst


-       Check out the Unesco Heritage Site Boyana Church

-       Try the traditional dishes Köfte and Burek

-       Make a trip to Buzludzha and witness the most mind blowing building ever built by the communists


-       Soak in the history of Dubrovnik and understand George Bernard Shaw’s words why its called “Paradise”

-       Drive along the beautiful Adriatic Coastline

Czech Republic

-       Feel the gothic and grotesque age whilst wandering in the city of Prague

-       Get spooked by seeing 40,000 bones as decoration at Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora


-       Have a Carlsberg sitting at the famous Nyhavn Harbour

-       Feel like a child again at Tivoli

-       Visit the hippy country Christiania within Copenhagen city limits


-       Drink some Gluhwein to keep you warm at the Christmas Market in Old Town Tallinn


-       Unfortunately didn’t have much time to spend in Finland, but if I did I would probably go north to see the Lapland and Sami’s


-       Relax on the beach in Nice and forget about the time

-       Visit and pay your respect to Jim Morrison at Pere Lachaise cemetery


-       Don’t even think about leaving Berlin without enjoying the nightlife

-       Make sure to bring lots on money while traveling in Bavaria

-       Visit Heidelberg and Cologne to take up some history

-       Eat like a local in Berlin and either have a Doner or Currywurst


-       Eat all the different varieties of meze while drinking Ouzo

-       Be like a local and go to a beach surrounding Athens


-       Make sure not to get your clothes dirty while eating the delicious Langos

-       Cross the Chain Bridge and see the difference between west and east


-       Jump into a hot pot while watching the northern lights doing there magic

-       Go kayaking in Ísafjörður and swim with the seals

-       Watch your step and do not off while looking at Gullfoss


-       Tremble down to the Guinness factory and get a freshly brewed ale

-       Eat the famous Fish and Chips at Howth


-       Get lost for days walking around the streets of Rome absorbing the history

-       Make sure not to get poo’d on in Venice by pigeons

-       Don’t miss out on David in Florence


-       Visit as many churches as possible in the city of towers, Riga

-       For newly weds; go to Bastion Hill Park and lock your marriage at the Wedding Lock Bridge


-       Get artsy by staying in Uzupis district in Vilnius

-       Eat Cepelinai along with chestnut coffee


-       Go to Echternach and hike on one of the many trails of Mullerthal Trail

-       Drink there famour national beer Bofferding


-       Take a walk around the Red Light District and stumble into a random coffee shop


-       Don’t even think about not visiting the Fjords around Bergen

-       Take a train from Bergen to Oslo and try not to fall asleep to understand why it’s the worlds most scenic train ride


-       Experience WWII history hands on by going to Auschwitz - Birkenau

-       Lick the walls in the Wieliczka Salt Mines next to Krakow

-       Have a crazy night out and eat some Zapiekanka for your hangover


-       Get lost in the Bairro Alto district in Lisbon

-       Take a trip to Sintra and see how the royalties lived


-       Go to the Wilsonic Music Festival and see many underground groups perform

-       Make sure to visit the Tatra Mountains


-       Go to Sokol in Ljubljana and have there ‘soup inside a bread’ along with there home brewed beer

-       Hike along the mountains in Lake Bled and try to swim to the island in the middle of the lake


-       Eat a lot Tapas and Paella while in Madrid

-       Experience 3 cultures in one city; Toledo

-       Hike up to the Montserrat Monastery

-       Don’t get your pocket picked when walking in the La Rambla, Barcelona


-       Try to fall asleep during the white nights in the summer

-       Go to the Vasa Museum to see the 17th century well maintained warship


-       Visit the Sunday flea market in Zurich to get good deals on unique antique items


-       Spend days in Istanbul and soak up the cities 2000 year history

-       Cross the Bosphorus Strait while drinking some çay and eating simit

-       Have a Kumpir and watch the ships go by in Ortakoy

-       Visit the trenches in Gallipoli and feel as if you were there during WWI

United Kingdom

-       Try to go to all the museums in London which are FREE

-       Celebrate Hogmanay in Edinburgh and climb the famous Arthurs Seat for the spectacular view

-       Have a lovely picnic away from the crazy busy London life in Greenwich Park

-       With its amazing medieval castles, Wales is a must

Vatican City

-       Try not to get your neck sprained whilst looking at Michaelango’s masterpiece in Sistine Chapel

-       Send a postcard from the Vatican City post office

North America

Canada (Western Part)

-       Be a cowboy/cowgirl during the Calgary Stampede

-       Enjoy the breath taking views on top of the Canadian Rockies

-       Relax in an outdoor hot tub while its snowing at Banff

-       Go to a hockey game to see why Canadians LOVE this sport

-       Ride your bike along the Seaside Route in Vancouver

US (West Coast)

-       Consider your new home to be the Las Vegas casino’s away from the desert heat

-       Take a helicopter ride and see Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam like a bird

-       Walk along Hollywood Boulevard and feel like a star

-       People watching in Venice Beach

Middle East


-       Go to ‘Hikers Paradise’; Petra

-       Hang out with Bedouins in Wadi Rum


-       Eat a delicious falafel in the Yemenite Quarter, Tel Aviv

-       Drive thru Tel Aviv with a scooter

Palestine (West Bank)

-       Visit the Dome of Rock and witness peace despite the fighting behind the walls

-       Eat from the street vendors in the Muslim quarter, Jerusalem

-       Experience Christmas in Bethlehem

-       Drink Palestine’s only brewed beer; Taybeh


-       Shop like crazy in the souqs of Aleppo

-       Drink the national cumin tea at any hookah café in Old City Damascus



-       Sail along the Nile with a felucca and take a pit stop at Valley of the Kings

-       For extreme lovers; take a train from Luxor to Cairo and be part of an ‘interesting experience’

-       Read all the alphabets around the world at the Bibliotheca in Alexandria

-       Wander on top of the roof tops in Khan el Khalili


-       Try one of many delicious foods or orange juices at Djemaa el Fna in Marrakech

-       Get lost in the maze of streets in Fes medina

-       Eat fresh fish just off the port in Casablanca



-       Eat fresh fish from the Tsukiji Fish Market

-       Play in the many arcades in Tokyo

-       Try to attend a Japanese Wedding

-       Visit the many temples and shrines in Kyoto and Nara

-       People watching in Americamura Park, Osaka


-       Get a fake ID or even a Harvard Diploma for only $25 at Khao San Road

-       Don’t even think of missing the full moon party on Kho Phangan island

-       Enjoy eating the food from street vendors in Bangkok

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