Yes I have traveled (to be exact) 163,066 km’s around the world! I know I’m pretty geeky to even to calculate this number but since I’ve started my travel days, I’ve been keeping track of all the places I’ve been and writing down some stats. These stats are being recorded since 2007. From the table below, you’ll see the number of countries and cities I’ve been too, the number of days I was on the road (away from home) and the number of kilometers I have traveled ; Countries Cities Days km’s 42 334 310 163066 One side note I must add is that the kilometers only include my travels with transportation (planes, trains and automobiles). I obviously didn’t sit down and calculate the numbers of steps I took in the last 6 years. Now that would have been a bit overboard 😉 According to various sources, an average person walks between 115,000 – 150,000 kilometers throughout there life. So it looks like I already surpassed this achievement :). Read More