What happens in Riga stays in Riga

I can’t even remember when was the last time I have been to our neighbour country Latvia. Maybe 4 or even 5 years ago? But that’s not the point. The point is, I finally packed my little backpack and hit the road for a tiny weekend trip to Riga last week. Well, I’d say you can’t call it ‘hit the road’ as it’s only 4,5 hours by bus from Tallinn. Nonetheless, I was so excited that I am going somewhere.

Few months back I was planning to go to Riga to meet my good friend Inga. We have already agreed on day and time, but… I had to cancel that trip because I was moving out from my flat the same weekend. I was a but upset I could not meet Inga, but the idea to visit Riga was still burning in my head. Having only 2 options to go there, flight or bus, I started searching for the cheapest option. I was so surprised seeing a 3€ tickets promoted by Simple Express bus company! Didn’t thinking long time, I have booked a return ticket. 6 € sounded like a dream!

Friday I have finished my work 2 hours earlier and run to the coach station. Waiting for my bus to Riga, I could not even believe my eyes seeing a huge Lux Express bus instead of Simpel Express. To make things clear, the Lux owns Simpel. It is the same company, but they have 2 different types of buses, luxurious ones (20€ one way) and cheapest ones that I was waiting for. Apparently something wrong happened, so they could not find the cheaper bus and provided the luxurious one! I felt like a king! TV, free Wi-Fi, free coffee, comfy chairs etc. At that point I knew from the beginning, it will be a fun weekend!

I have arrived to Riga coach station around 21:00 and found my hostel very easy, as it was only 5 minutes walking.

The hostel was fantastic! Clean, fun, super friendly staff. It was definitely my best decision to stay there for 2 nights! I can’t remember I partied THAT hard last time! Checking in late I noticed lots of travelers already started drinking and socializing in the common area! I was so anxious to join them, so after I got my key and throw my backpack at my dorm room I got my first pint of local beer and join the crowd!

The managers and owners of the hostel were working hard to make people socializing to each other. Every single night they arrange events. The Friday night was a pub crawl night! I could not be happier :) At midnight we started rolling around pubs in Riga’s old town, danced, laughed, drank… At some point I found myself dancing with two really hot Latvian girls and I didn’t see familiar faces anymore. I decided that, oh well, I could continue pub crawling by myself… well, and with these two hotties :)

[What happens in Riga stays in Riga]

I have arrived back to my hostel around 6 in the Morning. Totally wasted and exhausted! It was fun, but I needed to sleep.

The second day started pretty late :) I jumped down to the common area to find some hangovering zombies! I though, I feel as bad as they look and I don’t want to check the way I look. So maybe I will just go take a shower and maybe this will help me to refresh myself.

Staying under the shower, struggling after the hangover big time, I totally forgot the lights in bathroom has the movement detector. So, I guess I didn’t move for a while and the lights turned off… My first thought – Am I dead? Well, to fix the whole situation I finished up running circles in the bathroom, totally naked. And the lights turned back on! :D

After the shower I met my roommates, a German and a Turkish guy. We decided to go find some food. After the cheap but really good lunch we went to a park and spent some times there chatting and recovering from the hangover. The weather was perfect, so it was really nice to catch some summer sun lights and feel warmth.

We returned back to our hostel to find some more people starting another round of the party weekend. I totally felt like I want to join again. And again, it was as fun as the night before, but I was blind drunk by the Midnight, so I could not join the crowd to the night club. Sweet dreams, Deniss!

Next Morning I felt much better than the Morning before and was chatting with the hostel staff and some travelers before I went to the coach station to catch my bus back home.

I know, you think, what kind of trip was that? How about culture, museums, facts about the city? Well, I had it all before as it’s not my first time in Riga. This time I needed to go out and spend some quality life with great fun loving crowd! Riga could not any be better place for that! ;)

Written by Deniss Peld, Tuesday, 06 September 2011 10:42 here

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