Playing Hide and Seek at IKEA


What was your favourite game to play when you were a kid before the video game and internet era? You and your friends at a house or at the park somewhere trying to decide which game to play. One of my personal favourites was Hide and go Seek :)

It was always fun to hide behind the bushes or in a closet assuming that nobody will find you. I always played for hours until I would get bored and go home while my friends would still be looking for me haha.

So if you are like me who gets lost in IKEA every time even though you have the floor map in your hand, where would be the best place to play Hide and Seek? You guessed right, IKEA!!! With its home style feel and amazing different types of┬ádecor, IKEA is a Hide and Seek heaven for people who love the game :) ). I posted the event on the Couchsurfing Calgary Forum and within hours everybody wanted to join me for this unusual and crazy event. I mean who would say no? Of course there were a few concerns of getting kicked out by the employees or manager but at the end of the day that’s the most they can do, since we are not doing anything illegal or committing a crime. I managed to get 12 like minded people and we played Hide and Seek for almost 2 hours( of course if you include our ice cream break and hot dogs lol). Non of the employee’s clued in of what we were doing. Even if they did they would probably just think that we were crazy and since we werent being disruptive and routey, we were covered. With all honesty I would definitely do this event again in the future. Re-living my childhood in a maze like IKEA is compared nothing to what kids do these days.



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