Urban Berlin: Eisfabrik (Ice Factory)

The Eisfabrik (Ice Factory) was one of the oldest ice factories in Germany. It opened its doors in 1896 next to the river on Köpenickerstrasse 40/41. In the time when refrigerators did not exist, the ice that was produced would be delivered all over Berlin to breweries, pubs, homes, etc.

The Eisfabrik managed to survive many damages, several fires and bombs throughout its lifespan. In 1914 the factory chimney collapsed and made the headlines in the news. In 1945 the houses next to the factory which were owned by them as well were bombed to the ground during the war. After renovation, repairation work, change of ownership the factory shut its doors in 1995 after 99 years and couldnt withhold the fast change of technology and needs(since most households and establishments have refrigerators at this point). Many debates are still on going of what should be done with the high commercial value property.

How to get there

It is very easy to access the Eisfabrik. You can either walk from Ostbahnhof station or take the U8 to Heinrich-Heine-Strasse station and walk from there. Here is a map.

How to get in

One of the easiest abandoned sites I’ve every been in to. Don’t let the locked main door fool you, there is always a back door waiting to be opened :). If you go around the Eisfabrik house on the left you’ll notice that the fence is loose and you can see the factory right in front of you. The factory doors are open and ready to be explored.

What you’ll see

On the main floor of the factory you’ll see the big ice machine that made the magic happen. Also there are smaller rooms if you go up to the floors and explore each one. There is of course some great artwork from graffitti artists that shouldnt be neglected. You can also access the roof and just relax with some company and beer with a great view of the Spree (river) and Fernsehturm.

Any Dangers

I didnt come across any dangers on the site. Use common sense and be safe of course. Although by the rotten sewer smell and beddings, you can tell that people live here so be polite and cautious towards the inhabitants that call this place home.

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